Wow it has been months since my last post in April..I couldn’t believe time does flies so fast and changes happened unpredictable beyond my prediction

So many things happened, socially, politically and economically wise, however we must remember one thing, it starts from the family and subjectively from the individual itself. The sociological structure that built the existing civilization now relies on those two particular aspects. Lack of proper development of those two, the civilization will crumbled..

I’m sure everyone of us have suffered bad times of their lives at least once, however we must never forget that It happened based on Allah’s will, whether we would make it as trials or judgements, the decision is up to us as the receivers..

As human beings, we know for sure that from the ability we have on our brain, we often calculate many things and proceed as planned, we forgot that Allah is the master of every and each of our businesses, from tiny to importance matters. Without we noticed, often we thought we have calculated and very sure of it, neglected the authority Allah has upon us, thus lead to many dooms..based on what we have experienced, in particular me, I implore that all of us never and ever made such consideration as if we have covered all angles, remember that Allah is All knowing and only to Him we surrender our results..don’t make our brain is an idol or suffer great consequences..

From that “small” aspect, all crumbled, too many considerations to consider altering the timing of execution, thus lead to bad choices, then only regret we ever it’s the twilight of my time, inevitably so until Allah will it otherwise..and for that I just want to write a brief poem to reflect everything..


The door of the past is closed, nothing ever be changed

Regret and sorrow have walked the tunnel, couldn’t ever be changed

Had I have not learnt onward, this will be my greatest loss, having lost both of you 

I have my own convictions that I have stepped into misery yet it was the fault of I, the thoughts are firmly correct

I may not be able to convince you otherwise, until Allah moves you in future lies otherwise..

But the feeling is spread to my every breath, never cease to exist..

Every way I presumed right, have been taken, only to find inevitable path to cross..

The path is dire either way I walked nor stand still..

Now I’m stepping the first foot from the path, knowing the end road ahead..

Had not been the hope lingered in the future, only despair will followed me..

Pearls of our life have been starting to live, taught and cater to the best, for I will be watching and supporting from afar..

As the Arab has sayings

 الشخص المهم في حياتك, ليس الشخص الذي تشعر بوجوده …. و لكنه الشخص الذي تشعر بغيابه

 سأظل احبك و إن طال انتظاري … فإن لم تكن قدري فقد كنت إختياري

Hopefully, we all learnt and return to once we were..Inshaallah

Barakallahu fiikum, hadaanallah wa shahhalallah lanal khaira haitsuma kunna

In time..


اسلمالاكم ورمحتلله وبركته

Lord, forgive me only to seek upon you mostly when I’m in grieve condition..
Forgive me because I seek no redemption but often ask for forgiveness..

While flowers bloom upon, the time is short but memorable..
Barely we remembered how it grew, yet only bloom and wither engraved on our memory..
Many beneficials when it blooms and the leaves browned and fell while it withered..
How many on going cycles it swift around, it kept standing still await new moon coming..

We have yet grasped the meaning of life without first looking around surrounding..
There we shall see that we only stay for shortwhile..
There’ll be time for our rewards or punishment, it is up to us to choose which path we shall seek..
But as we see the horizon when the sun is sunsetting, we notice we only a glimpse of dot in the universe that means nothing without our pietyness to Allah..

Bursting Sun


بسم الله ا لر حمن ا لرحم

Allah is my protector, benefactor, my all that I needs. For me, without Him, I’d loss in this ocean of sin in earthly mud.. Darkness avail me without Him.. He sends His angel from heaven, a tick from the soul world contained on His Hand to this earth. The soul grown into pious being never left my heart, only my worldly existence. The being not only beautiful but emit certain wave of light, radiance to my face, calm and soothing for my heart. Through ashes of interaction to the blossom of fruitfulness of life you never fail to be with me. Now I know why Allah has sent you, as He is the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful, He sent one of His Best Creature to this Earth to protect me till there’s no light shine from my eyes. From one tick of the Soul, you helped me raising three wonderful pearls. Neither tiring nor boredom bests you, and you keep on going. The being is you dear, an angel from heaven, guided by Allah to help me fulfill my duties in this world, like a bursting light from the sun, radiating on all that are good in this good earth, to cherish and blossom in its own way..May Allah rewards you with immense blessing and put you where you were before, to joined me in heavenly kingdom Allah has promised to His servants, All Glories only belong to Allah, Insyaallah Allahumma Aamiin..