This World and Its Wonderful Ahead


So many things happened in the past and happened again in the present..

Weird thing is, in the corner of my life, I found joy deep inside me

When many things failed, not in my heart

Although I know there’s a road end in front of me, I still keep going

Not knowing what will happened, and I’m still cruising

Maybe I’m a naiveté enough to believe otherwise, but that’s just me

Maybe I believe we could hold this tight rope together

Maybe I believe we could make the impossible is possible

Although our roads will be difficult ahead

When many are not inclined to our cause

When many feel this is not the way today

When many felt too many has been unjust

But, I still hold into one thing within this midst

That is my belief of something good will arise when exactly needed, no matter worst yet to come

Life is so much wonderful when could share it together

Even though we’ll share it till the abyss

Abyss of infinite depth, abyss of knowing we are small enough in from of Him

And let go our judgement, to His excellent Judgement..

Let’s prepare our hearts together for what will become

Because all things good, will always come at exact moment, not too early nor too late, thus patience is needed with faith alongside with it ^^

Bursting Sun


بسم الله ا لر حمن ا لرحم

Allah is my protector, benefactor, my all that I needs. For me, without Him, I’d loss in this ocean of sin in earthly mud.. Darkness avail me without Him.. He sends His angel from heaven, a tick from the soul world contained on His Hand to this earth. The soul grown into pious being never left my heart, only my worldly existence. The being not only beautiful but emit certain wave of light, radiance to my face, calm and soothing for my heart. Through ashes of interaction to the blossom of fruitfulness of life you never fail to be with me. Now I know why Allah has sent you, as He is the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful, He sent one of His Best Creature to this Earth to protect me till there’s no light shine from my eyes. From one tick of the Soul, you helped me raising three wonderful pearls. Neither tiring nor boredom bests you, and you keep on going. The being is you dear, an angel from heaven, guided by Allah to help me fulfill my duties in this world, like a bursting light from the sun, radiating on all that are good in this good earth, to cherish and blossom in its own way..May Allah rewards you with immense blessing and put you where you were before, to joined me in heavenly kingdom Allah has promised to His servants, All Glories only belong to Allah, Insyaallah Allahumma Aamiin..