In time..

اسلمالاكم ورمحتلله وبركته

Lord, forgive me only to seek upon you mostly when I’m in grieve condition..
Forgive me because I seek no redemption but often ask for forgiveness..

While flowers bloom upon, the time is short but memorable..
Barely we remembered how it grew, yet only bloom and wither engraved on our memory..
Many beneficials when it blooms and the leaves browned and fell while it withered..
How many on going cycles it swift around, it kept standing still await new moon coming..

We have yet grasped the meaning of life without first looking around surrounding..
There we shall see that we only stay for shortwhile..
There’ll be time for our rewards or punishment, it is up to us to choose which path we shall seek..
But as we see the horizon when the sun is sunsetting, we notice we only a glimpse of dot in the universe that means nothing without our pietyness to Allah..

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