You were there with it
You lived with it
You flourished with it
You have used it in abundant
Yet now you have lost it
You need to live forward without it
You can’t think of the past thinking it
Because fate has destined you without it
You longed and try seeking it
But you can’t position it like it was
Otherwise it would destroy your conscience
Truly partnership and hope can’t be put in it
Only to Allah we seek guidance
To erase sorrow and sadness
And for it, I will forget everything about it
So that I will not regret not having it
Because only then we can be free
As human and His servant
To live His world with breeze
To reach His place, a place of happiness
A place of tranquility
A place where no one needs “it”
A place where we gather as family
A place to true flourishing
Forever and eternally, aamiin

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