Very heavy in the conscience

When greed has consumed human being..

Eyes become blind..

Hands becomes sore..

Legs are walking in opposite directions..

Mouth functional without tongue, unable to speak..

Soul has becoming dull, without ability to distinguish..

Distinguishing right or wrong isn’t priority for the brain..

Only craving of human lust is intact, and grown..


Commitment is a virtue of human being should have..

Commitment is the one thing universe couldn’t bear..

Allah has chosen us and we have agreed upon it..

When we broke it, where should we live..

Where ourselves agreed and universe declined it long time ago..

I believe Hell is the most suitable place for those who are..

Remind ourselves..Lives is interaction between beings..

There shouldn’t be betrayals amongst us..

Otherwise it would’ve been like a broken vase..

It will never be the same..and don’t expect it to change..

Cause you are indeed outrageous and excessively stupid to even thinking about it..

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