Moanna Film Review

Alhamdulillah finally watch movie with my family, after fetching review from with no profanity, Sex, and minimum of violence this movie is a go, especially the trailer didn’t appear to be fishy, or so I thought..

Typical of Disney movie, I expect some inception from this movie from the get go, and it were really there 😅

In the aspect of nudity and profanity, I couldn’t expect much from the Western point of view, this movie was safe to be watched by all age, although the clothing used by the female characters are little bit similar to kemben or dresses Java looked that expose area slightly above breast..similarly for the male characters, since this movie depicted from Hawaiian culture, some body parts are exposed in the area of waist below & above, but apart from that one, it was alright..

What I didn’t really expect were the inception turned out to be quite deep if the parents would not notice. Things like Beliefs similar of the “Mother Earth” or “Gaia” were to be found on this movie, defining the creation from the Goddess Te Fiti (although it was mythical not based from Polynesian Deity) that create the Earth and ruled out the ocean for the people benefits..thus the words of worship often to be found in this movie to give the idea that the Island and the creation came from Te Fiti, instead of from the God..hence we need to give counterinception to the children that it wasn’t true..

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