Me, Myself, and I

In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious Most Merciful, Peace be upon His Messenger, Muhammad SAW

This is first time I’ve wrote in blog, although the blog itself has been reserved by me almost a year ago if I’m not mistaken. Well, I’m just a dot in the universe who’s trying to express the universe by writings, hopefully it can quench my thirst of my old hobby of writing, which has not been fulfilled since years ago. I have my own utopia in this world, blessed by Allah with wonderful and loving wife, three cute, smart, and kind kiddos: two daughters and one boy. Like many people in this world, struggling to reach worldly happiness by conserving myself for the afterlife, loving my families, and working to acquire dimes =P.

I work daily like most people does, and enjoying my family after I got home and on the weekend. If I could sneak out =P, then reading is my favorite things to do before playing games if I have the time. While my work necessarily required some of my time out-town, then if I have the time, I play with my kids on the weekend then watching cinema with my lovely wife.

I considered myself as a positive introvert person. Don’t misjudged me because you’ve heard “introvert” word, because too little or too few known, that essentially introverted people has higher positive affect in their emotional development magnified as their age become older (Mroczek, 2001). I content and can continue to enjoy life as it is because I could dividing priorities while focusing when facing one. I could enjoy myself drinking cup of tea in the skirt of the lake reading manga without having pay attention to those who dislike interest such as that.

There are many of my interest considered common among people. I enjoy politicians making fun of themselves in the national media, lurking my needs of accurate information about Islamic news from selective medias, finding myself more opportunity in business while catching my way with my friends sometimes. I do playing sports though, fitness regularly was my once in two days activities.

Well, that’s a little about me, you’ll get to know me better by reading my thoughts, shares, and other positive things I’d like to shared with, insyaallah (God-Willing). Hopefully, it could beneficial to those who reads. Enjoy reading people =).

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