Another chaotic place to live with

Recently, there was serious chain of events interlinked with each others happened in Indonesia. Media stirred it up so that things important become lessen and otherwise. It starts from accident in Ambon, Indonesia that categorized as “traffic accident” by the authorities, without considering the facts that it wasn’t just normal accident, but somehow being utilized by certain factors to cover up facts and tried to stirred up chaos there by brought religious conflicts once again. The Government however doing their do best, neglecting the facts and pretend nothing big is happened, yet people claimed there were murders based on autopsy, not accident. In the contrary, when bomb was exploded in other area, the head of state immediately attending and directing the matter at hand. Without lessening my condolences for those who died and condemning the attack, is it appropriate for a leader to be discriminating with matter at hands, although both of them IMHO are having the same priorities because it involving religious affairs that could destabilizes the country itself. Well just my 2 cents though, hopefully government could listened to its people better..

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