Responsibility on writings

Weird weird weird, it happened seldom in western countries yet found it like oxygen in Indonesia, abundant in numbers. I still couldn’t believe why people are so easily wrote something hmm about science or term or anything that might affect other ppl lives rashly. I recalled in Indonesian prominent online news, that it reported an article that says 1 out of 4 women had wrongly selected their medicines because they followed instructions or prescriptions from blog. I simply don’t understand why they would follow “uncheck” “unverified” ppl sayings, and trusted it more than their own doctors.

Above explanation is one of so many examples of how misleading writings might affected ppl lives, unfortunately in certain extent, gravely implicated.

Sigh, I know it is the trend of citizen jurnalism or whatever they want to called it but I concurred with many ppl that when the word “jurnalism” is synchronize with the word “citizen”, I believe the writer realize that he/she should put or stated their reference or at least a hyperlink or a book maybe if the theme is about something of science. Please, we are smart enough to comprehend the responsibility bear upon our sayings..

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