In the name of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful..

Dozens of people flew to the moon
To chase the dreams from the light cultivated the sentiment within..

Many has failed to acquire its beauty..

Only to look from afar away..

Many try to grasp its meaning..

Only to receive its warm light..

Much like a dream, only to be passed away after..

Lingered the moments forever, only to be remembered..

It shines brighter than any stars in the darkest night away..

Attracting emotion to reach it, only to find it difficult to be forgotten..

It will be there for everlasting..only to be mesmerized for it’s beauty..

Truly All Praise Only Belong to Allah..


Written in the last 15 days or so I thought it would be..

Written in the midst of haze afloating ocean of universe

Written below thousand of stars across the galaxy..